thetwitterqueen (thetwitterqueen) wrote,

Of cute wolves

*Sally is sitting at her desk, writing in her journal and occasionally taking mini-breaks to check Twitter and post more of her awesome Twitterpinions.*

"So I went down to see P yesterday and it was pretty cool. He's funny, and we had a good natter about John and his failings. I told P the green baby story and he laughed. J of course v annoyed but if he will listen outside doors then he has to be prepared to be slagged off because I am not the dutiful Tory wife who always has good things to say about Tory husband. P told me hilarious story about J chasing new broom about house. Broom sounded as recalcitrant as F faced with bathtime.

"Anyway then P changed and that was interesting. P is very cute changed. But also v sleepy so I left him to sleep and came upstairs and had frank convo with J about military bases and cruelty to animals from not exercising and psychological stuff. J v petulant but that's because I told green baby story. Then I watched The Holiday and felt very Christmassy..."

*Sally breaks off.

She's just had an idea.

She picks up her phone.*

Alastair? Sally here. How would you like to come pet a wolf with me?
Tags: lord peter of fly, my beautiful john, teasing john for fun and profit, what i am a perfect tory wife
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