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Being Speaker's Wife sucks, part 874

SOOO my husband is apparently keeping a werewolf in the cellar.

I mean, I know he's kinky, but god.

Ignore that last bit.

Anyway, yeah, this is just great. And all the blankets and sheets from the guest bedroom have gone missing. I WONDER WHERE THEY ARE. Dammit, they'll have werewolf slobber all over them.

The Daily Fail really doesn't know what it's talking about when it gives out that being the Speaker's wife is such an easy job.

Oh for fuck's sake, that's where John was last night. HUNTING WEREWOLVES. I think we need to have that conversation about open communication again. God knows I'm open.

Also that conversation often leads to sex. And frustrated-angry sex is the best.

Ignore that last bit.

Argh, he seems to be busy right now. Probably calling up his minions again and talking about werewolves. Damn you, Peter Mandelson, why do you have to be such a cockblocker?

Although he did look miserable...

*Sally pauses her ferociously clicking typing of her blogpost to remember Peter's sad eyes*

Maybe I should occupy my time until John's ready for monkey sex things by going and getting him a squeaky toy? Dogs like squeaky toys, I bet werewolves do too. It'll just have to be a REALLY BIG ONE.

*Sally whistles as she collects her handbag*

Dear? I'm off out. Taking the children with me so Puppy doesn't eat them. Don't go chasing around after supernatural beings again without telling me. Oh, and wash your hands, who knows what kind of germs might be on them now?
Tags: fuck the daily fail, lord peter of fly, my beautiful john, people of change
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